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You rely on your LAEMPE CoreCenter.  And you're skilled at keeping it running at peak performance.  But when you need us,  you need us now…and sometimes that can't wait until not tomorrow.   With one of the largest technical staff of experts in our market, standing-by to support you, you can now have us there virtually in a matter of minutes.   Through technology, we can be with you, seeing what you see, supporting you in real-time.  We can guide you in a way that has never been seen in our industry, without ever getting on a plane, regardless of where we are.   

LAEMPEar -  the ‘ar’ stands for augmented reality.  A techy word for letting you see normally while adding items into your view that you can see, move around, read, watch. With the LAEMPEar lens, and any smartphone, tablet, PC etc., we can connect with you, see what you see, while you see us guiding you through maintenance, training, a quick fix or to simply hear what you hear so we can help you keep your Laempe machine running at peak performance.  Empower your team with new LAEMPEar.  Coming this fall.