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We use 'em too

When we say you can run an efficient, profitable, quality coreroom using Laempe machines, we aren't telling you anything we don't do ourselves. We use Laempe core machines everyday. At the CoreRoom, we sell cores. Millions of cores.  And we make them on Laempe CoreCenters. We wouldn't risk our business on any other machine.  Our statistics are staggering. 99%+ a full-out job-shop coreroom. We have patented coating techniques, core prototyping, high production jobs, complex core assemblies, tooling support and maintenance all produced under repeatable, verifiable quality standards. We know what it costs to make a core. It's all we do. Whether sampling for your new core machine, prototyping for your next job, filling a void for a job you can't run, or needing cost reduction on a job you already make.We are your next core shop. Let us quote your next job.