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 Shutdown Preparation for Binder System

Your LampeReich TechTeam has put together a simple, step-by-step video showing the proper way to prepare your Laempe SandMixer binder-tube system for a long nap and assure a smooth wakeup call when you are ready to make cores again.


  Shoot Tube Cleaning

This simple daily cleaning practice will keep your Laempe shooting great cores for you.


Gas Generator Calibration

Let us guide you through an important, yet simple, calibration procedure to keep your Laempe Gas Generator at optimal dosing accuracy. Find the procedure for your size below. 


Shoot Exhaust Valve Maintenance

Learn a step by step method for inspecting and replacing your Laempe Shoot Exhaust Valve Diaphragm


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Your Laempe machine is tough. Real tough. But there maybe come a time when you want us to restore it to a factory specs and give it another decade or two of service and a new warranty.