“LaempeReich Corporation continues to extend the value of using MAGMASOFT  ® C+M to our prospects and customers every day, in addition to its use on projects in our own core production facility. The ability to simulate and visualize the core shooting and curing results quickly translates to more synchronous start-ups of new jobs and the ability to maximize the utilization of core production capacity. Additionally, we frequently use MAGMASOFT  ® C+M to reverse engineer existing defects in troublesome jobs, evaluating the root cause of these, and quickly providing the solutions to these through the use of this powerful tool”

- David Reich | LAEMPE REICH





Simulations are scientifically using numerical methods with current advanced computational power to reproduce the sand blowing and binder curing phenomenon in core production. Therefore, simulation benefits our company by estimating the core making process ahead of front cost of any projects, foreseeing and dealing with issues and problems in design and other stages in production flow, to ensure the feasibility and efficiency on the engineering aspect.