From tech to trucks…and highways to hydrants
…we are at the core of great foundries.

The foundries we serve demand a core machine that is as versatile as the industries they serve. Chances are, we know your casting, and have a way to core it efficiently. 



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Its all about the casting.


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Laempe is deeply seeded into the ag market with core production equipment in tier 1 foundries, as well as a broad group of foundries supporting castings for agricultural equipment, machinery and implements.  We know ag-market needs and have years of solutions ready to share.


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Laempe equipment gives speed and repeatability as well as allowing flexibility in design and performance of ferrous and nonferrous, cored automotive applications.  From brake rotors calipers, engine & powertrain components, and structural members, we add value to all your automotive cored needs. 


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As tough and as the industry for which they are cast, Laempe core machines are durable, repeatable, and precise.  For all ferrous and nonferrous casting need from power train, turbo-housings to all structural components’ castings, Laempe has a heavy-duty influence in heavy truck castings. 



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With flexibility of core production tooling configurations, Laempe provides a design advantages for ground engagement parts and aggregate processing castings as well as ferrous applications of precision sand castings.  


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Oil and gas demand the durability of ferrous and steel castings – from compressor housings to valves and pumps. Laempe has a core solution and the seasoned know-how for your core production needs.


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Cored for success of hydrants, check-valves, tapping sleeves, and the infrastructure that supports them,  many features exclusive to the Laempe CoreCenter(sm) set us apart from all other core production equipment providers.  We know valves and hydrants.



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Pipe core to tees, restraint gland cores and beyond – Laempe core machine are uniquely designed for waterworks casting needs.  We can support the needs of this growing market and the speed needed to support the expanding infrastructure casting demands. 



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Laempe leverages form and function to enhance casting capabilities of those who are active inexploration and defense.  With a platform built for precision and repeatability, Laempe is staged to meet the high tolerance demands of any aerospace or defense core application.