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With every Laempe machine, you receive a dedicated Project Manager.

For 80 years, we have done more than sell core machines.  Way before we get an order, your project engineer provides a support system that doesn't leave you as long as you own your Laempe. Before the sale, our project team will work with you to lay out your machine, anticipate your utilities and peripheral equipment needs, review your tooling needs, and walk you through the installation planning program....and we may not even have  the order yet.  Upon order, our team provides you a GANTT chart for your planning and anticipation of arrival so you'll be ready when we arrive with your Laempe.  Oh yea...we arrive with your Laempe and don't leave until you make cores.

“I help you get ready for your new Laempe machine. I walk you through the planning, building installation, and startup process - I’m part of a team that will be with you for as long as you own your Laempe.”

-Chris Nix

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